Youeni Foodstore, Castle Hill

The Hills are alive! Youeni Foodstore recently opened an eatery at Castle Hill so I popped by for brunch and lunch (on different days of course) to check it out.

Youeni (pronounced you-an-i) are focussed on slow food and quality, taking extra care with the dishes, including baking fresh breads and pastries in-house each day.


My first visit was for brunch and I had avocado on toast with a side of mushrooms. The fresh bread was quite dense and filling. This might not look like much, but that’s ok as there are plenty of sweets to have for dessert!


For lunch on my next visit I had the tomato salad with a side of avocado. The salad was light and fresh and the tomatoes were juicy and full of flavour. I also bought a half baguette covered in sesame seeds to take away which was great. A real nutty flavour and lots of grains inside.


Let’s get to the sweet stuff! The dessert cabinet is full of beautiful treats and I couldn’t help but try a few. From top right is the crunchy banana and muesli muffin, an oozy chocolate and salted caramel tart, the chocolate brownie and my favourite, the chocolate chai eclair.


From this weekend, you won’t be limited to daytime visits as Youeni are opening for dinners on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights. I’m looking forward to seeing what the evening menu has to offer!

It’s so great to see quality eateries popping up in the west. It gives the locals a reason to stick around instead of traipsing in towards the city for good food. And maybe it even brings others out to us! Bravo, bring it on I say.

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  1. says

    Woaah that chocolate chai eclair looks crazy good – as does the tart and brownie. Mmm avocado and mushroom on toast is the best snack ever – looks pretty good to me! The first line of this post reminded me of the Sound of Music hehe

  2. Ma says

    And Ma enjoyed the banana muesli muffin which was tasty, lots of crunch & not like other places where you get a HUGE muffin with no taste – definitely recommend.

  3. says

    i tried to order vegetarian as i usually eat no meat for lunch but was disappointed, loved the look of the meat dishes on other tables. i probably wont go back.


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