Vegetarian banquet at Yulli’s

One of the great things about having friends who love food, is that they are always up for trying something different. This time a bunch of pals opted to go veg for a night during Meat Free Week and try the vegetarian banquet at Yulli’s.

Although I had been to Yulli’s before I hadn’t had the banquet (or the salt and pepper tofu which I had heard was excellent). Ok enough talky talk. Let’s just get on with the food. Usually I only add photos of my favourite dishes but this time it was much harder to choose! So you get more snaps than you bargained for with this post.


Money bags with edamame and coconut


Pan fried haloumi


Falafel wrapped in betel leaves


Salt and pepper tofu with papaya salad


Porcini and haloumi pizza


Eggplant involtini


Cheese cake, chocolate brownie and caramel slide

I really love the food at Yulli’s and the banquet is a great way to try a lot of dishes. It gets quite busy so if you’re in a group make sure you book a table, and be prepared to sit on small stools or hard wood benches. It’s not ideal and a bit hurty on the behind but I think the food makes up for that.

To see more pics of our night (and a lovely group shot) visit Veggies and Me.

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  1. says

    It all looks so yummy – makes me hungry just looking at the photos! The banquet does sound a good idea, to try a variety of dishes. Must get there sometime.

  2. says

    Really enjoyed Yulli’s, even as a non-vego! The moneybags look awesome, sounds like something a little different with the addition of coconut and edamame.


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