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If you’ve ever spent time in the bustling inner west suburb of Newtown, you are likely to have been to, or at least know of, The Hotel Marlborough on King Street (formerly known as The Marlborough Hotel, or as the locals call it, The Marly).

Over the years I’ve been to The Marly for pre-dinner cocktails, late night drinks and even a few Sunday beers over a game of pool. It’s a beautiful old building and had been in need of a big dose of TLC for some time. Chef Ernie Priestley invited me to pop down and see the new and improved Marly (and VERY veg friendly menu) and I was well keen to check out the revamp.

The-Marly-Newtown When I first enter the back bar and beer garden with my feasting pal Miss Piggy, I’m amazed and delighted at how different it is. It’s gone from a dingy, dark old pub to looking like a fairytale garden party complete with astroturf and bright furniture. It makes me want to lay a picnic blanket out on the fake grass and settle in for a tea party.

The-Marly-Newtown Chef Ernie (previously from The Abercrombie) who runs The Marly Kitchen in the Garden out the back, has added a stack of vegetarian items to the pub style menu like the Marinated Mushroom Avocado Salad, the Vego Burger, the Vego Parma made with homemade seitan and the Newtown Cheeseburger which features a roasted portobello mushroom. And I want to try them ALL.

The-Marly-Newtown Pub food is fun food! Sadly I don’t have a big enough tums to try everything (even though I desperately want to) so instead we order a few dishes to share. We start with the Chip Sanga, we then snack on Nacho Fries with LIQUID CHEESE (yes, you heard right) and then we move on to the Vego Schnitzel with mash, crunchy veg and mushroom sauce. Schnitty!

The-Marly-Newtown The generous plate of nachos is perfect for sharing. I loved the heat of the black beans which was nicely balanced by the cold guacamole and fresh pico de galo. I had never had nachos with hot chips before! For me the highlight was the thick schnitzel with a panko-like crust, making for a delicious outer crunch. The seitan (made from wheat gluten) which looks bubbly inside like an Aero bar, thankfully wasn’t as filling as I expected. I’m tipping that the carb-loaded Chip Sanga goes down a treat after a few drinks.

The-Marly-Newtown I can’t tell you how happy this menu makes me. Why can’t all eateries offer this many vegetarian options? Surely it would mean they’d get more customers? Seems like common sense to me. I can’t wait to go again with a bunch of veg friends and see what they think. Sunday lunch anyone?

The-Marly-Newtown vegeTARAian dined as a guest of The Marly Kitchen.
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    Vego Schnitty in our neighbourhood?? I had no idea! Yes!! Finally Sydney is catching up with Melbourne which is full of vegan pub grub. Our crappy local had the biggest menu in the world but the only things we can eat are wedges, napoletana pasta (boring!) or the garden salad. Vegans and vegos need comfort food too ya know!. So excited about this news, thanks so much for the post.

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    I am *so* excited that someone at a pub has realised there’s more to veg food than pasta & wilted salad. Dead keen to try this place [have never had a veg schnitzel outside my house] so would def be up for a Sunday lunch with you!
    ps – chip sanga? Droooool.

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    I’ve just started doing a series of vegetarian friendly pubs in Melbourne but my sister (who is also veg) now lives in Sydney so ill have to let her know about this place and check it out with her when I next go visit. Great review!


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