The Everest Kitchen, Marrickville

My sister and her partner recently came across a restaurant that they love. So much so, that when they go they are so busy eating, they hardly speak!

So last week my sister took Ma and I to a The Everest Kitchen in Marrickville.

For me one of the best ways to try new food is to have a set so you get to taste a bit of everything.

For starters we shared an entree set. Yum! It was really tasty and the flavours were very delicate.

I loved the textures of the soy bean salad and the beaten rice. Everything was delicious!

I thought the food might be a little spicy, like Indian food, but it wasn’t at all. It was actually quite mild.

For the main we shared dhindo sets with sides of mango pickle and stir fried spinach.

The dhindo was really interesting. It’s like a gelatinous rice, almost like a porridge consistency.

The lentil soup and the potato and bamboo shoot curry were really good!

For dessert we shared an Everest ice cream which was a big mountain of vanilla ice cream with caramalised strawberries with cinnamon and rosemary drizzled over it.

So how does it rate?

Trying a different cuisine is a real experience and something I recommend everyone does. So if you haven’t tasted traditional Nepalese food, get out of your comfort zone and give it a try, it’s pretty good! I really enjoyed this meal and I would absolutely go there again. Happy me x 2!

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