The Duck Inn, Chippendale

It’s always a bonus when you have an unplanned meal, somewhere you haven’t been, and it turns out to be so much better than you expected. Well that’s what happened to me on the weekend. I stumbled across a little gem.

Ma and I went to see my sister Amy in a matinée of Othello and unexpectedly, we were able to steal her away for a bite after the show. We popped in to The Duck Inn, just a short stroll from the theatre. I had heard really good things about this pub and having not been there, I was keen to see what they had on offer.

The Duck Inn, Chippendale It’s a smallish old pub, with a relaxed and comfortable feel. The cardboard moose head on the wall makes me feel much more comfortable than staring at a real stuffed animal and the bookshelf wallpaper effectively played tricks on my eyes as I realised I wasn’t actually in a library. The blackboard behind the bar listed the different types of beers available, including a ‘pony’ size which I’d never heard of (it’s a little smaller than a midi).

The Duck Inn, Chippendale - polenta and rosemary chips with gorgonzola sauce We arrived at dusk and a lot of the tables were reserved. Luckily we found a high bench free and settled in for dinner and a drink. The stools we were sat on each had fun labels printed on them like ‘Eat’ ‘Drink’ and ‘Quack’. We started with a bottle of Tasmanian pinot noir and the polenta and rosemary chips with gorgonzola dippy sauce. As Amy doesn’t eat cheese, we asked for the sauce on the side, instead of drizzled on the plate. The fat chips were crunchy on the outside and soft inside and the sauce was creamy with a good blue cheese bite. We’re off to a great start.

The Duck Inn, Chippendale - vegie burger Ma goes for the falafel burger. The tall burger had a thick chickpea patty with a generous hit of lemon and the accompanying bowl of chips are delightfully crisp. I thought the falafel was a little dry but I think it was evenly balanced by the minted yoghurt and tomato on the bun.

The Duck Inn, Chippendale - mixed mushroom pappardelle Amy ordered the homemade pappardelle with mixed mushroom and oil instead of cream and cheese. This is quite a generous serving so I snuck in a few mouthfuls. I loved the chunky mushroom pieces which worked so well with the fresh pasta.

The Duck Inn - baked aubergine I had the baked aubergine which arrived on black slate with a green salad. The eggplant was sliced thin and presented like a lasagna with a crunchy cheese topping. This reminds me that I need to make an eggplant parma at home real soon.

Amy had to dash off to get ready for the evening show so Ma and I finished off at the bar with a gin. I could easily have stayed longer and had a few more drinks.. next time I’ll make sure I’m not the designated driver so I can do just that!

I really enjoyed dinner at the Duck Inn, it’s such a cosy spot to hang. The staff are really friendly (Ben is a hoot), the food is fab and they have a good range of beer and wine to choose from. Everything you could want in a pub!

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    I’ve not been here since they changed their name & did up the pub – for some reason my work mates don’t want to go there anymore?? The food does look good & it’s great they changed the dishes for Amy without any drama.


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