Rockin’ the Kazbah

The fun never stops in blogland, and the latest eating bonanza was the #KazbahBrunchParty. So late one Sunday morning I headed into Darling Street, Balmain to meet 7 other blogger pals for a ‘Taste of Arabia’ at Kazbah.

I had heard a lot of good reports about Kazbah so I was really looking forward to going. Thankfully for the food lovers, hungry groups of 8 or more can order a breakfast banquet. This consists of 4 (that’s right, FOUR) courses for the bargain price of just $25pp. And let me tell you, it’s well worth it.

While sipping on my pot of delightful Turkish mint tea, our first course arrived. Three large deep bowls filled with banana porridge, couscous with dried nuts and fruit with pouring milk, and a warm rice pudding. What a great start! I loved the sweet couscous but the rice pudding was my favourite.

Next out was the lamb tangine (I would love a vegetable version) and a basket of hot, buttered Turkish toast and flatbread.

After a well timed break, two wooden boards arrived, one covered with poached, scrambled and fried eggs on bread and the other with hash browns, grilled haloumi, roasted tomatoes, sausages and bacon. And if that wasn’t enough, small bowls of baked beans, mushrooms and spinach were served.

By this stage, although we were all pretty full, we excitedly awaited the forth course, the pancakes. They really did live up to the name ‘pancake’, they looked like two big, deep cakes made in a pan!

We had a strawberry pancake with double cream and maple syrup and a chocolate and raspberry pancake with butterscotch sauce and chocolate ice cream. While they didn’t look like regular pancakes, they did have that thick, fluffy consistency. They were so good that I couldn’t resist going back for seconds. Oink!

How did it rate?
With breakfast served from 8am-3pm, the banquet makes a perfect brunch. Although the restaurant was quite busy we were given decent breaks in between each course to relax and chat. This is absolutely the place to go with a group of friends – so much great food at a really affordable price. Admittedly there were some things I couldn’t have (the tangine and egg platter) but I still had PLENTY to eat. It was a delicious brunch and I’d love to go again so it’s two happy faces for me!

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