Pizzas in Haberfield

Visiting Italy (or eating my way through the country to be precise) has been on my to-do list for some time. While I’m not a huge fan the stodgy Western version of Italian food, I’m told the real thing is much simpler and tastier.

One of the great things about having so many food blogger pals is that they know of all the good places to eat! On a search for authentic Italian pizzas, Lauren from Corridor Kitchen put a call out for a #RealPizzaParty at La Disfida in Haberfield and a few weeks later, eight food lovers gathered to gorge on pizza and pasta.

It was a cold and wintery weeknight and on arrival it looked like the restaurant was full and there was no room for our group. To my surprise we were escorted past all the tables to a hidden staircase which led to an upstairs dining area.

For starters we shared ricotta filled zucchini flowers, polenta chips with a tasty gorgonzola dipping sauce along with a few pasta dishes. The vego pasta I tried was the casarecca with tomato, eggplant and ricotta.

Then came the pizzas.. 6 of them! The pizzas were deceptively light – they look quite big but as the bases are so thin, you can eat more than you think! I loved the margherita and a tomato and pinenut pizza which tasted like bruschetta.

You’d think by now we’d all be stuffed, and we really were. But there’s ALWAYS room for dessert! There is even more reason for it when you’re in a big group, because you only need to have a few mouthfuls. We shared the chocolate crepe with chantily creme, a tiramisu (which wasn’t too harsh on the coffee flavour), a decadent vanilla gelato with homemade caramel and the panna cotta with raspberries.

How did it rate?
Our Italian waiter was great and had a bit of fun with us. The pizzas had really thin bases packed with fresh toppings. The homemade desserts were beautiful. I would love to go back and try more on the menu so it’s a two happy face for me!

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    • says

      I was well surprised, I thought we’d have doggy bags for sure! Loved the desserts, I want to go back and try they others! Thanks a bunch for organising 😀

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme says

    You’re right and so is everyone else that says pizza in Italy is much more simple. It’s all about the dough and the very minimal topping but it’s the quality of those toppings that make it what it is. There’s nothing like eating pizza in Italy! I found myself eating it so much more over there. And I can sort of see this place did the same thing. Sounds like I may need to drop by sometime :)

    • says

      Well if that’s the case, that makes me want to go to Italy even more! 😉

      You really should check out La Disfida, it’s great. I’ll be going again, I want to try more of the menu!

  2. Cate's Kitchen Adventures says

    As a Leichhardt girl, I’m always looking for new options in the area. Looks delicious, will definitely be giving this one a go. Thanks for the hot tip!

  3. says

    Bummer that I was sunning it up in Bali and missed this wonderful Italiano feast. It looks so yummy. I LOVE thing based pizzas…and polenta chips too.


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