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Parma, Surry Hills

Making pizza and pasta has been on the to-do list for a while and I’ve long been daunted by this seemingly difficult task. That theory went out the window after I was invited to cook and eat with the chef at Parma Cucina.

Parma, a 120 seat modern Italian restaurant, is a relatively new kid on the block, in a roomy two-storey building on Crown Street in Surry Hills.

Parma uses fresh ingredients including fresh Buffalina Mozzarella from Italy. Aside from fresh pasta, a speciality is the light and crispy pizzas, with gluten free bases also available.

Chef Alessandro Vinci-Cannava, or Alex as he introduced himself, has an an unmistakable passion for food and talks about with gusto. His enthusiasm is infectious! It took me a few minutes to adjust to his fast pace and high energy.

Alex kindly came to work on his day off to treat a group of bloggers to a pizza and pasta making class. There was a lot to take in and I’m sure it will take a few practice goes to get right, but I’m happy to say that it seems like a much easier task than I anticipated.

After a few hours crammed in the hot kitchen, we all sat down to an amazing meal which included some very delicious vego options:

  • Pasta with peas and tomato sauce rolled inside a slice of grilled eggplant and baked with cheese on top
  • Ricotta filled ravioli with burnt butter and sage sauce
  • A thin pizza with grilled vegies
  • Orange polenta cake

The large open bar offers local and Italian beers, wines and cocktails and with so much room, Parma would be a great place for a long lazy dinner with friends. After work drinks, anyone?

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  1. There pizza was pretty damn good wasn’t? And I’ve been making LOADS of burnt butter sage sauce since this class – YUMMY.

  2. Wonderful looking class! Looks like lots of fun.. How nice of him to come in and do this on his day off :)

  3. Now this kinda food I LOVE!
    Birthday coming up. I will have to casually mention this to the hubs!

  4. Ooo I have walked past this place so many times and was curious if it was any good. Must try soon!

  5. Those pizzas look amazing! Want

  6. Parma seems to be a pretty popular name- I’ve come across at least half a dozen places named Parma! P.S loving the look of that polenta cake!

  7. I am really digging that eggplant dish – it looks absolutely gorgeous! Actually, it all looks fab. The sound of the polenta cake has really got me intrigued :)

  8. pasta looks great. good to know the chef is very passionate about the food.

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