More pizzas in Haberfield

The Italian restaurants in Haberfield don’t disappoint when it comes to fresh pizzas, as proven by my visits to La Disfida.

My next encounter was at Napoli in Bocca, a dinner organised by Veggies and Me, a Haberfield local. A dozen of us descended upon the restaurant on a busy Friday night, hungry with the promise of delicious pizzas.


And delicious pizzas they were. Uncomplicated, with only a few ingredients and crunchy crusts. So good in fact, that Miss Piggy and I went back for an impromptu late lunch on a Saturday afternoon.

Italian cooking seems to have perfected the saying that ‘less is more’. I love the simplicity like these two pizzas – tomato and mushroom, and potato.


I am inspired to attempt my own pizza base so watch this space! What’s your favourite pizza topping?

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    I think it’s safe to say that my (current) favourite pizza base is potato and rosemary; though I do want to go back here and try the rosemary + olive oil pizza. Oooh, I also LOVE anything with anchovies on it.

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