Menu at Miss Peaches, Newtown

Miss Peaches, Newtown

Miss Peaches, NewtownFrom 5pm neon signs light up the doorway that leads to a spiral staircase with a bright postcard-like mural on the wall. As you enter Miss Peaches you pass the kitchen where you can see what’s cooking – like the bite-sized balls of hushpuppies being moulded by hand and popped into the fryer.

Seating at Miss Peaches, NewtownThis swingin’ bar has a relaxed and open feel with booths, high benches and toe-tappin’ music.

Mac and cheese sliders at Miss Peaches, NewtownSoul food makes me think of fried chicken and while this does feature on the menu, there are also loads of veg-friendly bites.

Hushpuppies at Miss Peaches, NewtownMy favourites are the gravy covered hushpuppies – crunchy mouthfuls of cornbread, cheese and jalapeños, the tater tots (or potato gems as they’re better known Down Under) and the devilish mac and cheese cornbread sliders with coleslaw. There’s also gumbo, collard greens and stuffed bell peppers. Oh and they had pumpkin pie!

Pumpkin pie at Miss Peaches, NewtownMiss Peaches is conveniently located in the heart of Newtown so folks stop by after work – my advice is to get there early as this popular joint fills up fast! And why not, when you’ve got a hip and fun bar with delicious southern snacks. Y’all come back now!

vegeTARAian dined as a guest of Miss Peaches.

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  1. saw you had this and need to come and write something as I loved eating here. The staff were super nice too. Not sure why its US score is sooo shit. lol. Wednesday is gumbo night and all gumbos are $10. :)

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