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I love Mexican food. My first proper experience was on a mind-blowing visit to Mexico with my sister Amy – me a teenager, wide-eyed, excited and nervous about being somewhere so far away and so vastly different from everything I knew. The colours, language, smells, scenery – I was spellbound and a tad scared at the same time. It was the first of many overseas trips and to this day a cultural experience is one of the things I enjoy most about jet setting.

Of course the other aspect of travel that fascinates me is food. The food in Mexico was vastly different to the simple tacos and nachos I’d had – it felt so exotic, fresh and flavoursome (an enormous battered deep-fried pepper? Woah). On my return I realised the Mexican food I had eaten at restaurants in Australia paled in comparison to the real thing.

Mexico-Surry-Hills-7 With Mexican cuisine being a current food trend, there seem to be restaurants popping up all over the place. Jumping on the bandwagon of this latest craze, I went for a late afternoon snack with some gal pals at Mexico Food & Liquor in Surry Hills.

The entry and interior of the restaurant are covered with bright Mexican art and trinkets – so much to look at! I love being surrounded by colour and fun so by the time we got to our table I felt really happy and relaxed. As is the best thing to do when out with the girls, we started with carafe of strawberry margarita poured into ice-filled salt rimmed glasses which was just the right mix – it wasn’t too sweet and thankfully the booze wasn’t too overpowering.

Mexico-Surry-Hills-01 For my snack I ordered a soft shell taco with wild mushroom, fennel and marjoram, sour cream and toasted pinenuts. Although for me there was a touch too much sour cream, I quite liked it and at just a few bites, I could have easily had another.

Mexico-Surry-Hills-4 We shared a quesadilla with roast eggplant, green onion and walnut with black cumin sour cream. This tasted like an Indian curry which seemed like a confusing mix of flavours. It was ok but wasn’t my wasn’t my favourite.

Mexico-Surry-Hills-5 For the table we ordered the crunchy potatoes tossed in celery lime salt with spicy tomatillo dressing and a salad of quinoa, wild rice, green bean, grilled zucchini salad with mustard greens. The salad was really tasty and fresh – something I’d like to replicate at home.

Mexico-Surry-Hills-02 I’d like to go back to try a few more things and as they are conveniently located opposite the train station, a few cervezas or margaritas could be on the cards too. Arriba!

Do tell friends, what’s your favourite Mexican dish?

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  1. says

    Wow I can only imagine a trip to Mexico would be packed with amazing food and culture. The Mexican food scene definitely seems to be booming in Sydney at the moment, much to my delight! The soft shell taco you had there sounds pretty tasty! Hmm I think one of my fave Mex dishes would def have to be a really good guac with corn chips. But of course I wouldn’t say no to a tortilla or quesadilla with some tasty fillings! Ooh and black beans with rice. Haha picking a fave is hard!!

  2. says

    I would love to visit mexico for their food and to experience their culture. It’s always nice to know how authentic the food is being here, but I suppose I can only dream… for now. I quite enjoyed the food overall at mexico. My favourite dish would have to have been the crispy potatoes. They were so… crispy!!! 😀

  3. msbrulee says

    I must say you and your girls have the radest get togethers! So when you say the Mexican food in Oz pales in comparison – do you mean it’s not authentic?

  4. says

    Oh wow, you have some fantastic eateries up there in Sydney! That wild rice and green bean salad looks divine – definitely something I’d like to replicate too! Have you tried to make it yet? Please let me know any other ingredients you remember in the mix … are they pomegranite seeds I see?


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