London’s great everyday eats – Part 2

The wait is over friends! Following part one, here is the second instalment of the delicious everyday eats and drinks I had in ye olde London town.

Wandering through the streets of Soho is thirsty work. I loved the Grey Goose la Fizz at Soho Diner with vodka, elderflower and prosecco. These go down way too easily. Soho Diner on Urbanspoon

Soho-Diner-1 Another great find, not too far from where we stayed, is Cafe Route in Dalston Junction. They had amazing salads on display. My baguette of haloumi, roasted veg and hummus made for an excellent lunch. Route Dalston Junction on Urbanspoon

Route-Cafe-Dalston-Junction-1 One thing I really wanted to do during my visit was an afternoon tea. Grocery style cafe Bill’s in Angel came to the rescue with dense scones served with chunky strawberry jam and clotted cream. Of course one must wash it all down with bubbles. Bill's Cafe on Urbanspoon

Bills-Angel-1 After a visit to the Natural History Museum I was drawn to the window display of sweets at Muriel’s Kitchen in South Kensington. I had a simple dish of grilled haloumi and roast veg kebabs with a side salad of beetroot, apple and broad bean salad. Such great flavour combinations. Muriel's Kitchen on Urbanspoon

Muriels-Kitchen-South-Kensington-1 Open late and with free wifi, Run Rabbit Run was a great spot near my hotel for 2 for 1 cocktails. My favourites are the white peach and the sweet coconut. I love all the old bluesy and soul tunes they play.

Run-Rabbit-Run-Islington-1 I did a spot of shopping on Portobello Road and stopped at Bluebelles Cafe for a bite. One look at the menu board and my decision was made – Portobello mushrooms and cheese on sourdough. I washed it down with a freshly made cranberry iced tea. Bluebelles Cafe on Urbanspoon

Bluebells-Portobello-Road-1 On my last day in London I stopped by Issy’s Milky Way, a really cool 50s milk bar. I couldn’t go past the rocky road sundae – so much bigger than I anticipated! Issy's Milky Way on Urbanspoon

Issys-Milk-Bar-Angel-1 Woah, all this is making me hungry! Coming up, some of the fancy veg eats I had in London.



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