Fouratefive, Surry Hills

On a weekend catch up with fellow blogger pals Corridor Kitchen and Love Swah, we met for Saturday brunch to check out the much talked about Fouratefive.

The sun was shining and it was set to be a HOT summer day. It was almost 40 degrees at home so I was grateful for a visit to the considerably cooler inner west. We arrived at 9:30am and the cafe was nearly full – it wasn’t long before a line of hopeful diners had formed out front. Sometimes it pays to forego the weekend sleep in and arrive early.

fouratefive, Surry Hills We shared ‘The Chronic’ superfood smoothie – a healthy drink of kale, spirulina, hemp seeds, banana, coconut water, mint, apple juice and lemon. While it was really good and I was grateful that it was chilled (unlike most fresh juice or smoothies you come across when dining out) I thought it was a tad steep at $10.

Drinks at fouratefive, Surry Hills For me deciding what to order was a toss-up between savoury and sweet and our waitress was ever so patient while we pored over the menu. I had my eye on the coconut pancakes with stewed stone fruits, maple syrup and vanilla ice cream (wow!) on the specials board but ended up going with a savoury option.

I went with the Mexican breakfast – beans, tomato, avocado, spanish onion and salsa with crispy tofu and haloumi. There was also a slice of toast under there somewhere. It didn’t skimp on haloumi with long, thick pieces cooked just right. The tofu and avocado were cut into small cubes making it easy to scoop up a piece of each with every forkful. Atop the dish was a sprinkling of powder, resembling taco seasoning. Ariba!

Although it wasn’t as heavy as I had anticipated, I certainly didn’t get through it all, even after my brunch pals dived in. We agreed that the menu didn’t do this dish justice – it was a lot tastier than it sounded.

Mexican breakfast at fouratefive, Surry Hills I also got to try the French toast stuffed with bananas and served with Canadian maple syrup, rhubarb and mascarpone with blueberries neatly lined up in a row. Stuffed is the right word – the toast is quite thick and filled with a generous layer of warm, squishy banana. It would be tough going trying to manage this on your own, it’s probably best for sharing.

French toast at fouratefive, Surry Hills While Fouratefive is a busy spot, it’s worth a visit. I recommend going early or stopping by during the week if you want to avoid the weekend rush.

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