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Living in the north west of Sydney can mean a bit of travelling to get to a good, trendy cafe. Slowly that is starting to change because the west is stepping it up!

After seeing a number of glowing recommendations on Instagram from theveryhungrykaterpilla, I took a trip out to West Ryde with Miss Piggy for lunch at element6.

The cafe is opposite West Ryde train station, on a small strip of shops, in between a few second hand stores. A quiet street with such a mish-mash of shops seems a random spot for a cafe but it’s actually handy for a little after lunch op-shoppery!


The interior is great – old school furniture and murals on the particle board walls. With tin camping dishes, mismatched plates, vintage cutlery and beautiful healthy salads, it’s easy to see how they are inspired by Bread & Circus in Alexandria.

Owners Hae-jin and Susan meet early every Sunday to visit other Sydney cafes for inspiration. They also take time to talk to their customers, giving them valuable feedback and ideas for improvement. It’s this personal touch which will help them stay strong.


element6 is so good that we went for lunch twice in one week. And here’s why:

Freshly squeezed orange and pomegranate juice. Such a refreshing summery drink.


Sweet potato crisps! Great to share, hard to stop munching.


A veg version of the lentil salad with radish, beans, spinach and a creamy mustard dressing.


Crunchy fennel salad with avocado, tomato, currants and slivered almonds. I admit, I had this one twice.


My next visit will be for breakfast, which I hear is really good.Β It’s fantastic to see some trendy spots popping up in the west. Keep ’em coming!

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  1. says

    Hi i went there under good recommendation we ordered the pork belly rolls and hamburgers and paid top dollar thinking must be good for the price. However the order was takeaway after i returned to work and distributed the orders umongst my work mates i received a flood of complaints most popular being “whats this? This isnt what i ordered!”. Apon inspection i found that the so called rolls and hamburgers were served on bread and not full size loaf either at first it looked like they had cut them in half and only served us one half each, but we noticed the crust went all the way around. When we enquired as to why we were told they had run out and had to use bread instead. Not only were we not notified prior to purchasing but were still charged full price which already seemed excessive for what it was and no apology was given Due to this we have all decided to never return.

    • Susan says

      Dear David,
      I want to offer our sincerest apologies- trust me, no one is more disappointed than I am upon reading your feedback. We usually do our best to substitute any shortfall of an item with a suitable alternative that at least matches the quality/quantity of the original intended -but sadly it didn’t meet expectations in this instance. If by any chance you are willing to give us another go, we would like to offer you and your colleaques complimentary meals in replacement of those you ordered previously. Kind regards, Susan


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