Cookoo for Coco

Earlier this year (way back in May to be precise) fellow bloggers Love Swah, Flick Your Food and I snapped up online discount vouchers for a class at Coco Chocolate in Mosman.

The 3 hour chocolate making classes are so popular, they didn’t have availability on a Saturday until NOVEMBER. Woah. When it comes to chocolate, six months is a super long wait! Especially when you’re talking about quality organic chocolate, not the substandard sugar-filled confectionary that is more widely thought of as chocolate.

During the class we were hit with a LOT of info about how chocolate is grown and the use of chocolate throughout history. It was actually quite fascinating. As this was a hands on class I didn’t have my trusty notebook at hand to scribble into every time I heard something interesting so unfortunately I can’t share all the fun facts with you. What I can tell you with certainty is that chocolate, GOOD chocolate, melts on the tongue and is devilishly delicious.

What did we do?
We slowly melted huge bowls of chocolate buds in the microwave, stirring in between blasts and testing the temperature with a laser thermometer, we used a hair dryer style torch get the temperature just right, and then came the fun part. The glossy runny liquids were poured out onto long marble benches and we all took turns at tempering the chocolate.

What did we made?
A snapable slab of white chocolate with cinnamon, nutmeg and cranberries. Next we used moulds to make milk chocolate bars. And finally, my favourite – dark chocolate shavings mixed with cocoa powder to make a thick and rich hot chocolate.

When the class had finished Swah, Flick and I caught up over a delightful high tea which included mini cakes, florentines and shortbread, scones with jam and cream, freshly made chocolate and a pot of tea. Oh and another hot chocolate. Well then, that’s my chocolate intake for the month!

Surprisingly an all female class, such as ours, is a rare sight. I’m tipping that the clever lads are the ones that enrol to pick up single chocolate loving gals – genius idea.

The hands on class is educational and fun. It would make a great day out with pals, especially if you go for one of the delicious high tea options afterwards. You get a little goodie bag to take home too.. somehow mine didn’t last very long!


  1. says

    I was meant to do a class here a few months ago but I was sick on the day and I couldn’t make it. Now I feel even worse about it! Beautiful chocolate though. Someone else bought me a blog back from the class.

  2. lisa says

    I bought the voucher and went too. Best money I ever spent!! They give their all and not just a taster like so many other vouchers. 5 star!


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