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Until last week I had never tried congee before. I’d wanted to, I had just hadn’t gotten around to it. So when Mel (The Adventures of Miss Piggy) and Shaun (Everybody Loves Ramen) organised a congee dinner, I jumped at chance to tag along and give it a try.

We met on a weeknight at the Sun Ming BBQ Restaurant which is on Church Street, right next to Parramatta Westfields.

It was quite bright inside – perfect for bloggers wanting to take photos! It was also fairly busy for a Wednesday night so it must be a local favourite.

Hot tea was served while we took time perusing the extensive menu. Mel and I decided to share a king prawn congee and a vegetable hot pot. We also ordered a plate of soft donut-like bread sticks for dipping in the congee.

I had expected congee to be quite thick and lumpy, with a consistency similar to porridge. It’s not like that at all! It’s a light and cloudy soup that seems to take on the flavour of its key ingredients. It’s a warm and comforting dish so it must be really popular in winter. The servings are very generous, I couldn’t imagine having a whole bowl to myself.

And now the rating:
We didn’t need to book as there is plenty of seating. The food is tasty, well priced and the service is fast. This a great place for a quick meal and I would love to go back and try more of the savoury dishes. And as for dessert, I’m told the sweet toasts are amazing! It’s one happy face for me!

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  1. Ma says

    I’m thinking Ma would like the congee experience. Congratulations on your massive blogger hits & don’t take any notice of your naughty Uncle Jim. Still trying to recover from the fried Gaytime – destruction of a great Aussie icon. Ma x

  2. says

    I love that your Ma comments on your blog – too cute! I loved the Congee…I thought it would be terrible so I am glad to have been proven wrong (once again).

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