Brunching in the bay

It’s not often that I am out past the airport, it just seems SO far away. Imagine my surprise when it only took 30 minutes to drive to Banksmeadow for brunch with a few blogger pals at Brasserie Bread. Ok I stand corrected, it’s not as far away as I thought!

I really love brunching. The only downside is deciding which mouth-watering option to have – I want to try everything! Ogling all the treats behind the counter and taking sneaky peeks of what other diners were enjoying made it even more difficult.

While I had eaten at the Sydney Airport cafe (the avocado, tomato and goat curd on quinoa and soya bread is a great snack) this was my first visit to the café. It’s quite big with lots of seating inside and some out front however they don’t take bookings. It was full when we arrived and thankfully we didn’t have to wait long for a table.

Ok, so what did I have? I went with the mushroom ragout with eggplant puree (sans egg) which was amazingly delicious. I’m a sucker for a mushroom dish and this was great – different types of mushrooms piled atop toasted flatbread generous slathered with eggplant puree.

Brasserie Bread brunch To drink I had a soy hot chocolate which was really creamy and the chocolate wasn’t too sweet. I’m not a coffee drinker but I do like a hot chocolate and more often than not they aren’t done very well (too watery, weak or powdery) so it’s always a treat to have a really good one! To top it off (I couldn’t resist), I also bought a plum Danish to share with the gals. That all came to $22 which I thought was pretty reasonable.

The cordials – mango, grapefruit and wild hibiscus, green apple and ginger – sounded like fabulously refreshing drinks. When a waiter walked past with an impressive plate of thick sourdough pancakes, my jaw literally dropped. I guess that means I’ve already decided what I’m having next time!

Check out part two of my visit to Brasserie Bread to hear about my bread making adventures in ‘The Home Baker’ workshop.
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    I actually go here to get away from work 😛 I work in Botany and sometimes I just have to go and sit on my own for 20 minutes. I always go for the avo, tomato and goats curd with soya quinoa toast :) mmm


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