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The blogger hashtag parties are catching on! Since our first fun and successful #BurgerParty a couple of months back (this year is just whizzing by), friendships have been formed and food bloggers have been joining forces to try out delicious eateries.

So early this month 20 bloggers (and their cameras) met up for the #YumChaParty at Phoenix in Parramatta.

Having last met in Newtown, this time we opted to meet ‘out west’ which must have seemed like a daunting prospect to the city dwellers! With the new Phoenix having recently opened in Westfield Parramatta, yum cha was the perfect choice.

Yum cha (or yummy cha as I like to call it) is so much more fun when you have a big group as you can order whatever you like, knowing there is bound to be someone else happy to share the dish with you.

Within minutes the bustling trolley ladies had covered our lazy Susan with plates of noodles and vegetables, bamboo steamers filled with dumplings and pots of hot tea. It didn’t take long for our pristinely white tablecloth to be splattered with sauces and juices. That’s the sign of happy diners, right?

For me the best part about yummy cha is the mango pancakes. They are so soft and light, and really refreshing at the end of the meal. They were a real hit with the blogger crew too!

Phoenix have a few other locations: Manly, Castle Hill and Rhodes. I haven’t been to Manly. From experience Castle Hill can be hard to get into, it’s been jam packed every time I’ve been. Rhodes is my favourite – no waiting, lots of room and plenty of trolley action!

Courtesy of Food Scene Investigation: Sydney

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    I loved the food – it’s pretty on the money with yum cha I’ve had everywhere else. Have I been having dodgy yum yum cha (that’s what I like to call it) all these years?

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