An Indian feast

As Harris Park is to Indian what Cabramatta is to Vietnamese, it seems like the best area to find a good Indian meal. So last week a few blogger pals and their partners jumped on the train and ventured out west, in search of authentic Indian restaurants, sweets and groceries.

Living relatively close to Harris Park but having not explored the area much, and also being a fan of how vego friendly Indian food is, I happily joined the party.

We met on a Saturday afternoon just after 5:30pm and it was already dark! After some of the crew had stocked up on spices and snacks, we took a stroll along Wigram Street looking for a place to eat.

Following a recommendation from a colleague of mine, we decided on Spice of Life for dinner. What a great choice it was! The food was really tasty and we were well looked after.

It might not look like much when it comes out, but Indian food is quite filling. For starters Mel and I shared the mixed vegetable platter including samosas and paneer. Then we shared the Malai Kofta (cottage cheese and cashew balls in a creamy sauce) and Baigan Achari (a roasted eggplant dish). I also had a cheese naan which was great for mopping up all the sauces. And it was all washed down with Indian beer – Kingfisher.

What a taste sensation! These dishes were so full of flavour that it made me feel like the Indian I’ve had in the past is bland. Clearly I’ve been eating at all the wrong places.

The waiter must have overheard some of the lads mention that their vindaloo was good, but not hot as they would have liked. Shortly afterwards the bowl of remaining vindaloo was whisked away and a hotter version returned, which the boys loved. For me it’s little things like this, that equal great service.

After dinner we dragged our full bellies up the road to Taj for some delicious Indian sweets.. because there’s ALWAYS room for dessert! I’m not quite sure what I had, but they were sweet and they were good!

A big thanks to Katie @kolkatakate, SarahKate @MiCasaSuCasa_SK, Hayley @ahayleyfisher for trekking out to visit! It was fun forΒ Mel @MissPiggyEats and I to show off a little of what the west has to offer.

So now for the rating:
It was a great night out – the food and company were fantastic! I really enjoyed the meal at Spice of Life, I plan to take other friends there too! Taj has a huge range of desserts, the only problem is deciding which ones to try. It gets a big two happy faces from me.

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    This sounds like a delicious night out. We are almost vegetarians who don’t live too far from Harris Park – so we will definitely give this a try. Thanks

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    Wow! It looks fantastic, It’s been a while since I’ve been to an Indian Restaurant since Maya da dhaba. Might give this one a go.

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    I must admit I’ve been to several places in Harris Park for indian and I’ve really enjoyed them all πŸ˜€ I don’t venture that way too often (I am a westie but a south westie) but I love it when i do :)

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    Yay! We had SO much fun in Harris Park. I honestly thought that the dahl tadka at Spice of Life was the best dahl I’ve ever had. And I was so impressed that the lovely waiter brought the boys a new dish of MUCH hotter lamb. Great service, great food and great new friends!!

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