A Friday fried fiesta

Oh the joy of social media. Another chat on Twitter town, initiated by Mel @MissPiggyEats (The Adventures of Miss Piggy), resulted in 10 bloggers meeting at The Abercrombie in Ultimo for a gaytime.. literally!

A pub, really? What’s so different about that? Well, aside from their happy hour cocktails (which I’m told are really good) they have some crazy deep fried menu items. I don’t just mean your average fried goods. These guys deep fry slices of pizza, balls of macaroni and cheese and then there is the draw card: the deep fried Golden Gaytime. That’s right, a delicious deep fried ice cream, stick and all.

The great thing about eating in a group means you can try lots of things on the menu. They are pretty heavy on meat dishes but I still had plenty to taste.

The mac n cheese balls were surprisingly good! I loved the baby pickles that came with the fries. The quesadilla had a nice bite to it and the lentil soft taco was really tasty.

So now to dessert, and the only one on the menu. Expectations were high as I’ve always loved the crunch and honeycomb of a Golden Gaytime. I also have fond memories of the classic deep fried ice cream from the local Chinese restaurant.

Most of the blogger crew ordered dessert so they all came out in a flurry. Lying flat on a plate, covered with a generous drizzle of maple syrup. Unfortunately the ice cream was quite melted, so when you cut the coating with a spoon, all the liquid spilled out. So there was no mucking around, you had to eat it fast. If the ice cream had been more frozen, it would have been fantastic!

What’s the rating?
I wouldn’t recommend The Abercrombie for an entire meal – I think it’s perfect for a drink and bar snacks. It’s probably not an ideal place to visit when you’re on a diet or health kick. I think it’s fun to try something different and I quite liked the dishes I tried. It’s one happy face from me!

I’m really loving all these blogger pal meet ups, such a great bunch of peeps. And by the sounds of things, there are plenty more to come so stay tuned!

Deep fried mac n cheese balls

Jalapeno and smoked cheddar quesadilla

Deep fried calamari

Deep fried pizza

Mini pickles and fries

This is what we came for!

The Abercrombie on Urbanspoon



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