Kit Kat party

It’s a Kit Kat party!

Enjoying a few weird and wonderful sweets from the land of cute – Japan.

Veggies & Me soup recipe

GIVEAWAY – Veggies & Me eBook

You can win a copy of Veggies & Me’s beautiful new 160 page eBook. Entries close 30 April 2014.

Adelaide Central Market

Supporting local farmers – Shop at farmers markets

In the final instalment of this three part series I explore ways we can help support local farmers, including an interview with Shane McLoughlin from Hillbilly Cider.

Rice quinoa chia

5 things I’m into this month – Mar14

This month I’ve had to go gluten free and here are a few products I’ve been trying out.

Chocolate chia pudding

Chocolate chia pudding

Sugar free – superfood – buzzword breakfast!

Vegan passionfruit slice

Vegan passionfruit slice

Soy condensed milk and dairy free butter turns this old school favourite vegan.

Green bean spinach penne

Green beans, almonds and spinach with gluten free penne

A quick meal made lighter with gluten free pasta.

Dairy free choc mint smoothie

Dairy free choc mint smoothie

A healthy and simple smoothie with So Good Almond & Coconut Milk.

Almond cream and fruit

Fruit bowl with almond cream

This easy dairy free alternative to cream is nutty, sweet and healthy too.

Vegan beetroot chocolate cupcakes

Vegan beetroot chocolate mini cupcakes

They’re tiny, they’re dense and they’re tasty! Super easy and vegan too.

Alpha Restaurant, Sydney

Alpha Restaurant, Sydney

Feasting on fabulous Greek food for Sunday lunch. Opa!

Black Rice + Grilled Baby Corn + Sweetcorn Sauce

Bentley Restaurant & Bar, Sydney

Sydney fine dining with great options for vegetarians and vegans.

Pesto at Il Mondo Caffe Bar, Adelaide

Il Mondo Caffè Bar, Adelaide

An authentic Italian wine bar and cafe in the heart of Adelaide.

The New Ed Castle Hotel, Adelaide

The New Ed Castle Hotel, Adelaide

Loads of great veg options at this old pub in Adelaide.

Salad at Gin Long Canteen

Gin Long Canteen, North Adelaide

An authentic Vietnamese feast in the heart of South Australia.

Tacos at Flying Fajita Sistas

Flying Fajita Sistas, Glebe

A cheap Mexican feast on Taco Tuesday night.