Eco friendly shopping

Shopping that makes our planet and animals smile

Have you ever really looked at what you put in your shopping basket? Here’s a few kind household products worth checking out.

Baby chicken

Australia’s caged egg shame

Sadly there are some cruel practices continuing in Australia’s factory farming industry. We can all do something to make a difference.

Florence - Fountain of Neptune

Feeling inspired in Florence

I wish I had more time in Florence, it’s such an artistic and mesmerising city.

Restaurant reviews

Restaurant reviews and writing respectfully

Part 1 – Is it ok to publish a negative piece that could have harmful effects on a business?

Gluten free green power balls

Green choc power balls

A little snack that’s vegan, gluten free and packed with superfoods.

Creamy vegan mac and cheese

My favourite vegan mac and cheese

A super easy and creamy, dairy free mac and cheese.

Cashew parsley pesto

Cashew and parsley pesto

Don’t bin leftover herbs – whiz up a jar of pesto!

Coconut bread choc chips

Vegan coconut bread with choc chips

Friends dropping by? Win them over with this easy sweet treat.

Auction Rooms, North Melbourne

Brunching in Melbourne

Three great spots for brunch in and around Melbourne.

Candelori's, Smithfield

Candelori’s, Smithfield

A new look for the high-end Italian in Sydney’s west.

Dolce & Co, Adelaide

Dolce & Co, Adelaide

A sweet treat on a hot day in South Australia.

Alpha Restaurant, Sydney

Alpha Restaurant, Sydney

Feasting on fabulous Greek food for Sunday lunch. Opa!